Food temptation is all around, even more so at holidays, birthdays, and other special events. When you’re trying to maintain or lose weight, or simply be healthy, it can be difficult to navigate through the food offerings. In honor of the remaining days of National Nutrition Month, here are five quick tips to keep in mind at your next celebration:

1.  Eat small portions. If you want to try that fancy dessert or the birthday treat someone brought you, take a small portion or share with a friend. You’ll enjoy the taste of the treat, but not overdo it.

2. Savor your food. Take your time while eating. Pay attention to the flavors and chew your food well.

3.  Take your time. The faster you eat, the more you will eat. Put your fork down between bites.

4.  Eat lower calorie foods first. Start with a green salad or a broth-based soup.

5.  Pace yourself. When drinking high calorie beverages, alternate with water to keep hydrated and reduce empty calories.

If you have questions about eating healthier at gatherings, talk to your NHA dietitian. More information about healthy eating can be found by contacting our Women, Infants & Children program.