How do I schedule an appointment over the phone or online?

Answer: You may schedule a doctor’s appointment by calling one of our community health centers found under the Locations menu on the home page, or by calling 419.255.7883.

What is a primary care physician?

Answer: A primary care physician (PCP) is trained to manage your entire health care needs. Your PCP plays many roles – primary caregiver, health care advisor and consultant, coordinator of specialty, and patient advocate. PCP’s can be:

  • Family/General Practitioners (Doctors who treat patients of all ages)
  • Internists (Doctors who treat adults and may have a subspecialty)
  • Pediatricians (Doctors who treat children)

What is a Formulary?

Answer: A Formulary is a list of preferred medications put together by the Neighborhood Health Association Nexus Pharmacy to help all NHA patients’ access quality, cost effective medications. Some prescription drug benefit plans use a Formulary also. Talk to your NHA doctor or the Nexus pharmacist for more information on your medications.

What does “Generic Drugs” mean?

Answer: Generic Drugs are medications that contain the same active ingredients in the same amounts as brand-name products. Although generics may be a different color, shape, or size, generic drugs are medications that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective. Your doctor can substitute a generic drug for a brand-name drug.

Do you see patients who have no insurance?

Answer: Yes, we have a Sliding Fee Program that assists the patient with an adjusted fee for service through the Sliding Fee Scale based on an individual’s income for self pay patients who are uninsured.

What is the Sliding Fee Scale?

Answer: The Sliding Fee Scale is a method of providing reduced charges to eligible patients based on family size and income according to federal poverty guidelines.