Mission, Vision, Core Values



Through our exceptional health care services, we empower and educate, aggressively working to eliminate health care inequities, while supporting personal responsibility for one’s own health regardless of the ability to pay.


Neighborhood Health Association ensures access to quality medical care for anyone in need. Through effective delivery of services, Neighborhood Health Association strives to become a national model of care for the under and uninsured in our community-empowering patients through responsiveness to their needs and fostering a workplace invigorated with enthusiasm for our singular purpose

Core Values

The Neighborhood Health Association is Driven by Excellence in all aspects of our work as demonstrated by the following abstract of our Core Values.

  • Organizational Pride and Commitment & Quality Care
    • We are highly skilled and committed to quality patient care and strong supportive services.
  • Outstanding Service
    • We are dedicated to providing top quality services, and thrive on creativity and ingenuity.
  • Integrity and Respect
    • We treat everyone with respect and dignity by listening, responding, and seeking to exceed expectations.
  • Collaboration
    • By collaborating, we can ensure the highest quality of health services for our community.
  • Financial Responsibility
    • We will manage our resources responsibly and in the best interest of the agency.

A full copy of our Core Values may be found at our Neighborhood Health Association’s community health centers or contact us at (419) 255-7883.