HIV in the United States continues to be a major public health crisis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1.1 million Americans are living with the virus, and one out of five people with HIV don’t even know that they have it.

Local Numbers
According to the HIV Aids Surveillance Program, Lucas County has the fifth highest HIV rate in the state of Ohio. Here’s a closer look at the numbers:
514 people living in Lucas County were infected with HIV in 2015.
477 of those infected locally were living with Aids in 2015.
46% of the people currently living with HIV/Aids in Lucas County are African American.

Emerging Issues in HIV
As the number of people living with HIV increases, and more people become aware of their HIV status, prevention strategies targeted at HIV-infected individuals are becoming more important. Measures include connecting patients to treatment; increasing access to HIV prevention interventions; and providing preventative services for patients’ partners.

Unfortunately, there is no cure or vaccine to prevent HIV, though clinical trials are currently taking place worldwide. Learn more here.

However, there are numerous resources to assist individuals affected by HIV/Aids in maintaining a healthy, normal life. NHA offers free and confidential HIV/STD testing. Know your status, talk to a Community Health Worker or health care provider if you have any questions, and always practice responsible sex habits.

Please visit or call 419.255.7883 to set up an appointment for testing.

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  1. It was very good to know that the awareness for HIV is substantially prominent to people nowadays. Testing is always important, because it’s the first step to prevention, cure or maintenance. There are a lot of free HIV testing sites, so be sure to have yourself or your family checked out if you’re suspecting that you have one.

  2. Hello there! Since my niece just got engaged recently, I wonder how many paperwork she has completed leading to the wedding ceremony later on. Thank you for stressing the importance of undergoing a HIV test to prevent its spread among married couples too. I’ll make sure she takes note of this info so her relationship will stay healthy soon.

  3. It did catch my attention when you said that more people are now aware of their HIV status and have prevention strategies implemented. This makes me remember a friend who has been dealing with the signs of STDs, including unusual vaginal discharge. I will ask her to seek the help of a professional within the week to be treated in the best possible way.

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