March begins National Nutrition Month, a time when we promote healthy eating and share information about foods. The theme for this year’s NNM is “Put your best fork forward” which reminds us that we each hold the tool to make healthy food choices.

The phrase “Healthy Eating” should not cause fear or conjure images of boring, tasteless food. Eating healthy foods can be just as delicious as eating treats, plus it has the added benefit of keeping your body running well. Choosing colorful fruit and vegetables will add many vitamins and fiber to your diet. Don’t think of healthy eating as limiting your diet; add healthy foods to what you’re already eating. Though your favorite meal may not be considered healthy, sometimes a few modifications to your recipe can improve it.

Planning ahead is important to a healthy diet. Organizing your meals for the week, shopping to have the proper ingredients on hand, and preparing fruit and vegetables for your snacks at work can help you avoid reaching for the vending machines or getting fast food at lunch time.

If you’re looking to develop healthy eating habits and “put your best fork forward this month, start simply: look at your dinner and see what you can add to it. Having pasta? Add some vegetables to the sauce. Love French fries? Bake them instead of frying them, or maybe try sweet potato fries. Eat a colorful green salad before your meal. By adding some of these foods to your meals, you can improve your nutrition without taking away what you love.

Pregnant, new and breastfeeding moms, as well as children up to 5 years of age may qualify for the Women, Infants & Children (WIC) program at NHA