Getting to Know Your New Provider

Getting to know your new health care provider is important. At NHA, we encourage all new patients to ask questions so that they feel comfortable with the care they receive. We have a patient-centered model of health care, which we means we put our patients at the center of everything we do.

If you’re visiting an NHA health care provider for the first time, and you’re not sure what questions to ask, here are some suggestions that can help you feel more comfortable. You may think of other questions you want to ask, but these can help get you started:

  • What is provider-patient communication like?
  • Do you have an online patient portal?
  • Do you have partnerships with area hospitals?
  • What if I need care on short notice of afterhours?
  • What happens if I miss an appointment?
  • How long does it generally take to get an appointment?
  • What are good preventative care options for me?
  • How does my family history affect my health?

It’s important to make your current medications a part of your conversation, too. Either bring a list of your current medications or the bottles, so we can see what you’re currently prescribed. Also, be sure to let us know the name of any specialist you might be seeing.

Of course, there’s also paperwork to bring to your first visit to help things go smoothly. [link to] With that paperwork, you answer many of our questions!

Another important thing for new patients to know about our patient-centered model is that we help connect you with other resources you might need, including social services. [link:]  We have staff dedicated to helping you feel healthier and better—no matter what your needs.