Dental Care at Neighborhood Health Association

Did You Know? 

NHA community health centers accept most insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare. Health care assistance on a sliding fee scale is available for those who are underinsured or uninsured.

The Cordelia Martin Community Health Center, and Nexus Health Care, both part of the Neighborhood Health Association, offers a range of adult dental services. The overall health of your teeth and gums affects your total health and wellness. Good oral health will help you stay healthy. For more information on your dental care options, call 419.255.7883, ext. 169 to schedule an appointment.

The Mildred Bayer Clinic for the Homeless offers adult dental services for individuals staying in a shelter or in temporary shelter situation. Contact the Mildred Bayer Homeless Clinic at 419.241.1554


  • Teeth cleaning
  • Fillings
  • Regular check ups
  • X-Ray and examinations
  • Adult teeth and gum care
  • Pediatric teeth and gum care
  • Tartar removal
  • Dental flossing tips
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