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As part of NHA’s Sister Care Series, Ms. Sybrina Fulton will be the keynote speaker at the Seagate Center on May 25, 2019. The speaking engagement titled “Saving Our Sons, Saving Our Lives” is set to begin at 1:00 pm with a Q&A session
immediately following.

Ms. Fulton is dedicating her life to transforming family tragedy into improving opportunities for children. After the death of her 17 yr. old son, Trayvon Martin in 2012, Fulton has become an inspiring spokesperson for parents and concerned citizens across the country.

As Mother's Day approaches, NHA would like to recognize the important role that a midwife plays in perinatal care. Gail Bocian, one of our Certified Nurse Midwives, explains what a midwife is and the many responsibilities of the job.

With allergy season in full swing, it’s important to understand the symptoms of allergies, how to alleviate them, and how to differentiate them from other illnesses. Allergies can run the gambit from food and drug allergies, to insect bite allergies, seasonal allergies and pet allergies. Today, we’re focusing on seasonal allergies. 

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