Leadership at NHA

Neighborhood Health Association is honored to have the following professionals as our senior level managers who compose the Executive Management Team for the organization and dedicated managers who compose the Leadership Team for our community health centers.

Executive Management Team Members

Doni Miller
Chief Executive Officer

Miranda Hoffman
Chief Financial Officer

John Uche, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Karen Keune, MJ, BSN, RN
Director of Medical Support Services

Bonita Johnson
Director, Facilities, Corporate Compliance and Client Advocacy

Colleen Neidert, SPHR

Director of Human Resources

Cheryl L. Wilson
Director of Community Engagement and Client Support Services


Leadership Team Members

Ronald Hall, Housekeeping Supervisor
Telephone: 419.214.5700, ext. 6268

Mayores Senior Center and J. Frank Troy Senior Center
Michelle White, Interim Manager Senior Services
Telephone: 419.242.1144, ext. 475

Medical Outreach Coordinator
Shantell Hereford, Clinic Coordinator
Telephone: 419.214.5700, ext. 6220

Mildred Bayer Clinic for the Homeless
Cassandra McKinstry, Manager, Homeless Health Care
Telephone: 419.241.1554

Nexus Dental
Gary Eder, DDS, Chief of Dental

Alexis Varner, Dental Office Manager
Telephone: 419-214.5700

Nexus Pharmacy
Joel Levitan, PhD, Chief of Pharmacy
Telephone: 419.214.5700 ext. 6280

Nourish Café at Nexus

Telephone: 419.214.5700 ext. 6266

Patient Billing 
Kelly Stone-Kline, Revenue Cycle Manager 
Telephone: 419.720.7883, ext. 230

Patient Care Coordination
Audra Kurek,  Care Coordination Manager
Telephone: 419.255.7883, ext. 151

Patient Medical Records
Shantell Hereford, Interim Manager Medical Records 
Telephone: 419.255-7883

Patient Services & Registration
Anna Gartner, Manager Patient Access
Telephone: 419.720.7883, ext. 219

Perinatal Outreach Program (POW)
Debra Hamilton, Perinatal Outreach Manager
Telephone: 419.242.6028, ext 655

Physician Recruitment
Wilson Forney, Recruitment Specialist
Telephone: 419.720.7883, ext. 204

Sickle Cell Project of Northwest Ohio

Telephone: 419-214.5700, ext. 6240 

WIC (Women Infant & Children)
Joanna Martin, RD-WIC Manager and Dietician
Telephone: 419.241.4230, ext. 458

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